So...if you haven't heard already...SANDRA WINTER GOT HER NEW SECOND SET OF LUNGS and they seem to be doing fine...but there are many battles ahead....To ease the financial stress of the ongoing expenses...we have just got ourselves ready for another fundraiser...READ ON AND HELP IF YOU CAN!

Join us for a very special Jewellery Sale SPARKLE AND SHINE for SANDRA on Sunday, November 22nd, 2pm-5pm at Argyle Fine Art, with all the proceeds going to assist Sandra Winter as she recovers from her recent life-saving surgery! Come buy some great gifts for people on your lists for the holiday while helping a person in need!

We'll have coffee, tea, tasty treats and music to entertain you while you browse the beautiful jewels!

We've already received some great pieces....YOU CAN HELP WITH THAT TOO...read on:

We have asked folks, even like yourself if you can help out, to dig deep within your jewellery boxes to find and donate jewellery that is no longer "you" or perhaps something you have made. Then all the jewellery will be priced at fair prices determined by you, with all the proceeds going to Sandra.

Sandra Winter, as many of your know from my past updates and events, is known to many in the fine art and craft communities and worked at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia years ago. She just recently received a gift of LIFE...a second double lung transplant and is now still quite literally fighting with all of her might to get through the aftermath of surgery....exciting surgery! Two new lungs....that are breathing and getting well adjusted to their new life, all things considered. But there is much mending and once she gets out of the hospital she will need special care and drugs not covered by our province.

To donate or get more information contact: Adriana Afford



This SUNDAY, Sept 28th, 9am-1pm.....if the weather holds out, there will be one more little yard sale for Sandra Winter. It will be held at 6165 Willow Street. If you have things to donate you can bring them to this address the day of the sale, as there is no storage space for items this time. Any questions, you can contact Anne Hillis at 463-1007!

See ya at the sale!


A great little successful Yard Sale!

This past Saturday, Anne Hillis put on a great little yard sale with her good friend Margaret! Thank you also to Anne's son and daughter-in-law and grand-daughter! A great bunch of stuff which raised $200!



We hosted a small yardsale this past Saturday due to the bizarro weather we have been experencing here in Nova Scotia lately, but it was great for some of us to meet up with each other again and work together to gather a bit more money together for Sandra. Thank you to those that helped out...you know who you are. LET'S HAVE A BIG YARDSALE IN SEPTEMBER...who's with me? Hopfully by then, Sandra will have her lungs and we will use the money for a big get better soon party!! That is MY WISH!

As well, the vending machine at Argyle Fine Art has been very popular...each day about $10 is pumped through there, while people munch on tasty jellybeans. Who knew the candy biz was so lucrative!



Just wanted to let you all know that the sweet tooths are helping Sandra out with their quarters each day at Argyle Fine Art. We just deposited $100 from the machine in just a month...and more on the way. Because everyone loves candy! THANK YOU !


The TOP Salesperson and Friend Extraordinaire Brenda Cooper

Brenda Cooper just dropped by Argyle Fine Art to pick up the fabulous guitar she bid on during the online auction in the winter...donated by Joanne and Tim Fields, my good shore neighbours. Play on Brenda! Doesn't she look like she is someone famous? Thanks as well, for selling the most tickets for the Artful Bags Event.


Come see these in person at Argyle Fine Art. Buy them for the miniature enthusiast and help out.

Teeny, tiny, itty-bitty baskets made of Horsehair. These little critters are about the size of your fingertips.
Made by Edie Nickerson of the NS Basketry Guild
Buy Them Now for just $50



Hallie Watson, a well-known painter, also creates these wonderful larger than life flowers made of paper and other mixed media.
BUY IT NOW for $40. Keep it for yourself, donate it to a school or daycare or perhaps use it for aprop at your business...and help out Sandra Winter!



Here is a great picture of Anne Hillis(who kept us all selling tickets and organized) and Olga Milosevich, our MC for the Artful Bags ticket drawing night. They look so happy. It was a wonderful, intimate evening with everyone putting out good wishes for Sandra!
Just as the title of this notation suggests, the ARTFUL BAGS fundraiser raised over $7000 to help Sandra. THANK YOU to everyone involved: volunteers, ticket sellers, artists and everyone in between!

Also from the online auction/silent auction of some items donated for the ARTFUL BAGS, we raised an additional $815! HORRAY!



Hi Everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know that the ARTFUL BAGS fundraiser for Sandra Winter was great success! Thank you to everyone who had a part to play! Last night the draw for the 20 Lucky winners occured at Argyle Fine Art, with our host for the evening, Olga Milosevich. Almost all the winners just happened to be local with the exception of one, from PEI. And although there were just about 60 people there last evening, a number of people who were attending were winners too such as Anne Hillis, Peter Andrews, Sandra Eisner, Ethel Kostman, and Nancy (ah...can't spell your last name correctly yet...will change at the next update) :-) Other local winners that come to mind are Aida Arnold, Ann Cameron, Cheryl Tissington and Wayne Boucher...and Holly Carr (she won ALAN BATEMANS bag...her husband:-) What ARE the chances, as there were over 400 tickets sold. Congratulations to all!


Bag it up: funky totes raising funds Proceeds from bags to benefit Sandra Winter by DEAN LISK The Daily News, January 31, 2008

Bag it up: funky totes raising funds Proceeds from bags to benefit Sandra WinterDEAN LISK The Daily News, January 31, 2008

They're an artful way to help out a friend."It is really a neat idea," said Adriana Afford. "When we put them out for people to see, they were really impressed. They wanted to buy the bags outright and offered us hundreds of dollars."As part of a unique fundraiser, Argyle Fine Art is giving people the chance to win one of 21 one-of-a-kind canvas bags designed by prominent Nova Scotian artists and filled with great stuff."You could use them as a functioning bag, but there are some there you may want to frame," said Afford, who owns the gallery.The sale is being held to support Sandra Winter, a well-known figure in Nova Scotian art circles who is about to undergo her second double lung transplant.Winter has been in Toronto since last July, and has been going daily to the hospital for physical assessments. It's these which help decide where on the donation recipient list she is placed."Her outlook is still really positive, and she has been trying to keep herself busy with stuff, as much as she can. Right know she needs diversions; you could imaging what it is like sitting and waiting two or three hours for something, so imagine what it is like waiting close to a year."It was last May that a group of Winter's friends first got together and began brainstorming ways they could help her.They want to raise more than $70,000 to help pay for pre- and post-operation costs associated with such a large operation. They've had online auctions, yard sales, raffles and even a drag show."The conversation came up about doing an art auction and things like that, and - not that there is anything wrong with that - it seems that it's been overdone," Afford said.There was also the fact commercial artists make their livelihood off their works, and donating them to an auction happens at a financial loss for them.Instead, the bag idea was put forward as a way the artists could still use their talent, and create something unique and unusual."It allows them to do something that maybe they never get to do, and to just have fun but also be able to do something for someone," Afford said.Some of the artists involved in Artful Bag have never met Winter, while others have been longtime friends with the former Art Gallery of Nova Scotia employee. One of those is Margi Hennen. She and Winter are members of the Brunch Bunch, a group of artists who meet regularly."She is the bravest person I ever met," Hennen said. "I thought this was a neat idea and people have worked really hard."I think people are willing to help out because they know she would be doing the same with all her heart and soul."For her bag, Hennen used the image of a crow pecking at a wine cap. Other bags have been emblazoned with dragon flies and men in a row boat, a monster rabbit towering over a cityscape, and fabric flowers which pop off the canvas.Artists involved in the fundraiser includes Holly Carr, John Neville, Alan Syliboy and Alan Bateman.Each of the bags has been filled with a selection of goods donated by local businesses, other artists and organizations. A draw for the bags will be held on Thursday, Feb. 7."One thing that has come out of all these projects for anyone involved has been this overwhelming realization that when people are in need, people come out of the woodwork and will do whatever they can to help," Afford said."That help can be small or large, but it is a nice way to realize that people are great."
IF YOU GOWHAT: Artful BagsWHERE: Argyle Fine ArtWHEN: Through Thursday, Feb. 7NOTE: Tickets for the bag draw are $15. Call 425-9456.